Webinar: Privacy-Preserving Patient Finding & Its Applications in Life Sciences

Listen to a discussion with Jason Wreath (Chief Strategy Officer, Kythera) and Mark Ungerer (Head of Product Management, Datavant).
Learn the layers of patient identity and resolution, including…

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Privacy-preserving techniques that enable healthcare datasets to create an accurate and holistic view of patient behavior.

What Our Partners Are Saying

"Uncovering actionable insights from data has never been more important as healthcare and life sciences organizations look to adapt, innovate, and provide better care for patients in an uncertain world. Kythera Labs brings the industry expertise to Databricks’ proven data solution to help healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies solve their toughest data challenges fast.”
Michael Hoff, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partners, Databricks
“Companies that link and combine healthcare data achieve a critical step in outperforming their competition by advancing the use of information to improve healthcare.” 
Travis May, CEO, Datavant
“The speed of innovation and collaboration from the Kythera Labs team is remarkable and honestly some of the best I’ve ever experienced.”
Matt Waldau, Chief Executive Officer, WayPath