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Get to know Wayfinder – The healthcare data science platform that enables you to make more confident decisions.

Wayfinder is an all-in-one, cloud-based data science platform built with pre-configured machine learning models that transform massive amounts of structured and unstructured healthcare data into rich, actionable insights.

Kythera Wayfinder
  • Fast and easy to deploy with extraordinary cost efficiency
  • Private and secure, including HIPAA-compliant expert determination
  • Embedded analytics and machine learning
  • Architecture built to enable Bring Your Own Data transfer from any source
  • Includes mastered directories for practitioners, payers, diagnoses, procedures, and medications
  • Embedded data assets plus partner ecosystem with hundreds of additional structured and unstructured data sources

Healthcare information has a better platform. Wayfinder supports your data on the way in and enhances your data on the way out

Wayfinder makes it possible to access, integrate, enrich, and transform data at scale

Real-world data comes from a vast set of sources - including structured and unstructured data from electronic medical records, insurance claims, registries, consumer apps, research, and many more - few of which easily match with one another.

Wayfinder systematically and reliably intakes, standardizes, and prepares all that data for use, effectively automating the tasks that have burdened the healthcare industry for decades.

Securely store data.

Configured pipelines that  match and  integrate data.

Analytics and reporting layers to enable extraction, analysis, and viewing of the standardized information.

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  • Supported by mastered directories including practitioners, payers, diagnoses, procedures, and medications
  • Embedded analytics and data science toolkits
  • Architecture built to support Bring Your Own Data transfer from any source
  • Ability to supplement with hundreds of additional structured and unstructured data sources
  • Trained with data from more than 310 million US patients for up to 40% more complete patient journey records
  • Deidentify, tokenize, and match data from different data sets directly on the platform
  • Greater than 40% improvement in provider information accuracy

Find value quickly when time to innovation counts

Organizations that use large-scale real-world data struggle to quickly find value through the combination and improvement of data

Wayfinder not only standardizes healthcare information, but the platform also helps you discover value by applying machine learning techniques to merge data from internal and customer-provided sources, fill in gaps where patient encounters or individual fields may be missing, and generate exponential value through combination.

Remastered Data from Kythera

Remastered Data™

No longer a commodity, Remastered Data gives you clearer, more accurate insights so you can make better decisions

Just like music producers can enhance old recordings, Kythera engineers have become skilled at remastering distorted, inconclusive data. Observing and adjusting what goes unseen by most is where real understanding occurs. Our data scientists use machine learning techniques to fill in the missing pieces and observe the unseen, resulting in much cleaner, higher fidelity information.

BYOD  (Bring your own data)

Your data. Our data. New Data

Whether you bring your own data, combine it with our data, or link to any combination of other available data sets, Wayfinder transforms your data assets into readily consumable answers by simple connection and ingestion architecture.  When you start with your data, Wayfinder corrects and completes  incorrect and missing elements, and our mastered directories can help you fill in the gaps by adding dimensional data.

Quality Comes First

Scalable Data Quality

Quality data is essential for accurate insights.  Kythera Labs ensures data quality using hundreds of data quality measures, including coverage (what is the observable universe and how much of it is represented), completeness (how thorough and usable is each component of the data) and currency (how often is the data updated).  Having greater fidelity means you can have greater confidence in the outcome.

Who We Serve

Understanding behaviors leads to better actions

Kythera Labs provides patient, provider, and payer level information on a platform that makes insights comprehensive and accessible. We serve a wide variety of healthcare organizations including health systems, provider groups, life sciences and medical device manufacturers, payers, governments, academics, and consumer-oriented businesses.

What Our Partners Are Saying

”Uncovering actionable insights from data has never been more important as healthcare and life sciences organizations look to adapt, innovate, and provide better care for patients in an uncertain world. Kythera Labs brings the industry expertise to Databricks’ proven data solution to help healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies solve their toughest data challenges fast.”
Michael Hoff, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Partners, Databricks
“Companies that link and combine healthcare data achieve a critical step in outperforming their competition by advancing the use of information to improve healthcare.”
Travis May, CEO, Datavant
“As a founding member of our Lakehouse Development Council, Kythera Labs is a real asset to us, providing health care expertise and valuable insights to support our roadmap.”
Todd Greenstein, Product Manager, Databricks


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