Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kythera Labs?

Kythera Labs is an information technology company that enables users of healthcare data across the ecosystem to find value faster and have greater confidence in outcomes through the use of better quality real-world data. Kythera Labs is located in Franklin, Tennessee.

What is the Wayfinder platform?

Kythera Labs’ Wayfinder is an all-in-one cloud-based data science platform, purpose-built for healthcare. The Platform, built on Databricks, is pre-configured to correct, enhance and add new dimensions to healthcare data leading to easily consumable and improved insights.

What are the main features of Wayfinder?

The Wayfinder platform allows access, integration, enrichment, and transformation of data at scale. Unstructured and structured data can be combined at a granular level for unlimited use cases.

What problems does Wayfinder help solve?

We live in a world where data sources are increasing and advances in technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) hold enormous potential. Customers use our Wayfinder platform for a variety of purposes ranging from product development, data discovery, machine learning model development, market assessments, and other commercial and clinical applications from patient-level research to business insights.

What is the relationship between Kythera and Databricks?

Kythera Labs is Databricks’ first health system OEM partner. The partnership combines Kythera’s healthcare and data science domain expertise with Databricks’ proven data platform.

Who uses Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is used by healthcare providers, life sciences organizations, consultants, analytics companies, financial services firms, researchers, and other organizations that serve the healthcare industry and those companies that can benefit from having cleaner, more granular and robust healthcare data.

Healthcare providers can use Wayfinder for applications such as marketing, sales, corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and competitive intelligence. Life sciences organizations can use Wayfinder to support launch planning, market access, sales strategy, provider targeting, and patient outreach.

What data can I access through Wayfinder?

Wayfinder allows users to combine and analyze data from disparate sources and different formats. Through the platform, users can access transactional data on over 310 million US patients, household and consumer data on more than 241 million people and 118 million households, proprietary reference data on providers, practitioners, and payers plus engage Datavant's partner ecosystem of hundreds of easily linkable data sources.

Can I use my own data on Wayfinder?

Wayfinder was built for “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Data) applications. You can import your own data, combine it with our data, or link to any combination of other available data sets. Wayfinder transforms your data assets into readily consumable answers by simple connection and ingestion architecture. When you start with your data, Wayfinder corrects and completes incorrect and missing elements, and our mastered directories can help you fill in the gaps as a supplement by adding dimensional data.

What kind of security is provided as part of Wayfinder?

Security and privacy are top priorities for Kythera. We incorporate industry-leading privacy practices, including HIPAA Expert Determination. Your Wayfinder environment, including data and notebooks, is entirely your own and is not shared and cannot be accessed by other Wayfinder users.

How is Wayfinder accessed?

Wayfinder is cloud-based with fast, easy deployment. Users get their own private, pre-configured environment which is accessed via your browser.

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