Accelerate Data Sourcing and Analysis on the Databricks Marketplace

Kythera Labs is excited to share that our Patient Event Assets are now available on the Databricks Marketplace - making it easier than ever for Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations to access derived data products that accelerate the discovery of insights. 

Kythera Labs – a longtime Databricks partner – built Wayfinder, our turnkey data science platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences on the Lakehouse; Wayfinder unifies data, analytics, and AI workloads into an ecosystem that accelerates the time to insights for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. We’re proud to continue that partnership on the Databricks Marketplace.

Our Patient Event Assets are curated, derived data products that deliver patient-level transaction compilations fit-for-purpose to Healthcare and Life Sciences use cases. Patient Event Assets, like Surgical Cases, Chronic Conditions, and Hospital Events, utilize Kythera Labs’ remastered claims data alongside statistical modeling and advanced methodologies to eliminate data suppression biases, data missingness, data use rights biases, payer biases, geographic biases, and other known problems with healthcare data. Our Patient Event Assets enable analyses less affected by the missingness and errors of raw claims data and deliver more accurate insights faster.

The Databricks Marketplace is an open exchange for data products like datasets, notebooks, dashboards, and machine learning models powered by Delta Sharing. This exchange and access will allow data consumers to discover, evaluate, and access more products than ever. Delta Sharing and the open approach allow data consumers and providers to connect more easily and empower businesses to unlock the value of big data.

"Informed decision making requires accurate and timely data. Databricks is proud to partner with Kythera Labs to facilitate a data-driven approach by leveraging our platform's Marketplace capabilities and Kythera Labs' rich data resources. This will enable healthcare organizations to accelerate their access to accurate insights". Cassie Miao, Director of Corporate Development at Databricks.

Accessing Kythera Labs Patient Event Assets through the Databricks Marketplace enables users to leverage our patient event assets seamlessly, with less complexity and more efficiency. So you spend less time sourcing and wrangling data and more time uncovering insights.

Join us on the Databricks Marketplace today!

Accelerate Data Sourcing and Analysis on the Databricks MarketplaceLinkedIn

Kythera Labs


Accelerate Data Sourcing and Analysis on the Databricks MarketplaceLinkedIn