Reduce Pre-Commercialization Research from Weeks to Minutes


A global healthcare company focused on applying technology to drug development and commercialization, including identifying Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and top prescribers for specific diagnoses to support the launch of new therapies, needed help to answer their most critical questions confidently. The company dedicated over two years and a team of data scientists to discovering commercialization-related insights by developing a data model to rapidly answer their questions using healthcare data from multiple vendors – a complex, costly, and time-consuming process. In addition to the data integration complexities, the claims data lacked necessary details like physician affiliation causing the model to produce results difficult to support, leading to new questions and delaying the identification of actionable insights.

The company wanted a faster, more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solution.


Using claim service line level data is necessary for specific Life Sciences and Healthcare activities and research; however, it's possible to accelerate the process for pre-commercialization activities. To do this, Kythera Labs developed the Chronic Conditions Asset using our remastered claims data to fast track pre-commercialization assessments and eliminate the hidden biases often found in claims data for focused, longitudinal data views with precise details. As with all of Kythera Labs' Patient Event Assets, Chronic Conditions was designed and developed based on years of healthcare data and data science experience to deliver a longitudinal view of the patient while eliminating data suppression biases, data missingness, data use rights biases, payer biases, and geographic biases, among others.

Instead of writing hundreds of queries for this application, our client uses Chronic Conditions to break down their "question silos" and systematically assemble the answers and insights critical to successful therapy commercialization. 

  • Who are the KOLs for a drug or therapy?
  • How do we find physicians who manage patients with a specific class of drugs?
  • Who are the prescribers for patients that align with our Target Product Profile?
  • What is the population in any market with a specific diagnosis?
  • Where are patients receiving care?
  • Who are the patients with specific comorbidities, like obesity or CHF?
  • Who are the patients with specific comorbidities who cannot use the drug under consideration?

With a full view of the patient, a simple select of the disease, in this case, Ulcerative Colitis, gave our client instant access to KOL and top prescribers and longitudinal data showing the progression of the diagnosis, drugs and therapies prescribed over time, referral sources and practice, and health system information.


Using the Chronic Conditions Asset instead of raw claim data to answer pre-commercialization questions for an Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis, our client used less data storage, had lower compute costs, and accelerated the discovery of insights from months to hours.

About the Chronic Conditions Asset

About the Chronic Conditions Asset
The Chronic Conditions asset uses Kythera Labs' remastered claims data (Mx Submits and Rx Claims) and advanced methodologies to track the treatment of chronic conditions over time. Chronic Conditions builds a more complete, detailed, and longitudinal view of patient health history by curating condition-related treatments with relevant procedures, diagnostic and imaging procedures, drugs and therapies, and imputed details like diagnosing provider, referral sources, and provider details, like practice and health system affiliation. Chronic Conditions empowers Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations to identify reliable, actionable insights from healthcare data with speed and scale.

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Reduce Pre-Commercialization Research from Weeks to MinutesLinkedIn

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Reduce Pre-Commercialization Research from Weeks to MinutesLinkedIn